Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Are you a curious person?  Do you treasure excellence and are willing to wait for something you truly love?  Do you have a wonderful sense of humor, enjoy surprises, puzzle solving and a bit of nostalgia?  You are probably an Extraordinarian.

Extraordinarian: Person seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Daily we are bombarded by thousands of sights and sounds that become a blur of information.  It takes time to look closely at a pea flower, define the geometry of a sunflower head, or uncover inner beauty of a chive flower. 

I am a watercolorist and an Extraordinarian. I have the time it takes to lean in close to my subjects searching for unseen details and interpreting them into watercolor paintings.

I am committed to sharing my watercolor paintings with my Beholders so they may unleash a childlike wonder when they discover the source of my subjects.

bee balm flower or bergamot
Bee Balm Flower

I would like you to join me in this journey of discovery.  I hope to surprise you with my paintings to help unveil childlike wonder.  Join me, and we will travel this journey together

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