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Daily we are bombarded by thousands of sights and sounds that become a blur of information.  As an artist I take the time you may not have to lean in to the pea flower, look at the geometry of a sunflower head, or check out the beauty of the zucchini flower.   I then have the opportunity to share these paintings with others hoping they too will discover their childlike wonder in the beauty of God’s creations.

I believe that each painting has a destiny that is outside of my control.  Once I have created the painting it is my duty to share it with the world, so that its destined owner will have the opportunity to see it and fall in love.  That is why I started Nana Kate’s Collections.

Nana Kate’s Collections is kind of like an art matchmaker.  It is a place to connect with the artist, display the artwork and share its inspiration.  It is a safe place for viewing without pressure and allows the beholder time to contemplate emotions that the image may stir up.  In time the right person will decide that it is time to purchase the painting or print and this website allows that to happen easily as well.

Even if a person does not connect on a personal level with any one painting, it is my hope that the card messages or the blog will provide enjoyment to the visitor.

Siberian Crane mother and chick
Faith and Hope, Siberian Cranes


Katherine J Ford


Nana Kate
Nana Kate (Katherine Ford)

I am Katherine Ford also known as Nana Kate by my 11 grandchildren.  I have been practicing watercolor painting for the last 15 years.  I used to fund my creativity as a Quality Assurance Manager in the food industry.  My career choice made me very sensitive to details which can be difficult when using a media like watercolor because it doesn’t always conform to specifications.

For the last 20 years, I created Christmas cards for my husband’s small home repair customers and people seemed to like them.  Over time, many people suggested that I sell my cards and I began to think that might be a good idea.

I created my cards painting a watercolor, than I scanned it on my home computer and reduced them down to card size.  I wrote a message on the back of the card so people would know the story behind-the design.  I am not sure which people liked more, the painting or the message.

Cards are a wonderful outlet for my artwork, but I also wanted to create larger paintings so in 2018 I started to paint 18 x 24 inch paintings.  

I am never quite sure what my next subject will be, but I try to be led by my muse, the Holy spirit.  I believe that each painting has a destiny, and eventually it will find it way into the home of a very special person who will know the wonder and joy it was destined to give.


“if you are going to paint all day, you have to start in the morning”

The Crew

Papa Dave


Papa Dave as he is known by our Grandchildren is the engineer on the staff.  He is the one that cuts the paper, squares up the page, frames the pictures, organizes the storage space, carries the materials, cooks the meals and keeps the house going to allow me the time and space to do my creations.  He is my biggest fan and strongest supporter and the one who prays for our family guidance.  Without him I would still be doodling at work.

Dave Ford
Dave Ford