Pricks and Petals, Encouragement During Trials


A card for encouragement when someone is going through troubled times.

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  • Printed on 80 lb natural card stock.
  • Includes a white envelope.
  • The card is 5 x 7 in with a 4 x 6 in centered image.
  • The inside is blank.
  • (The message on the back)
    Pricks and Petals
    By Nana Kate
    My grandchildren had their birthday celebration on a farm outside of town and as I walked up the path to the barn, I came across an old shed with a patch of the most beautiful, old fashioned white peonies. The flowers must have been eight inches across and the bushes were full of blossoms. Right in the middle of the peonies was a great big old bull thistle. Its prickly leaves were rubbing up against the flower petals, trying to move in to get the most sun and nutrients for its survival. It was a classic image of the fight between good and evil.
    I knew immediately painting this image was my next assignment. What I didn’t know was how a simple painting project would disrupt my life. From the very beginning it was like that thistle was reaching out and pricking me with doubt saying, “You can’t paint such a complicated flower, you aren’t good enough.” My first painting was terrible, that didn’t help one bit, but I started over determined to do better. I did great painting the thistle, but my first failure robbed me of confidence. I kept delaying my work until finally I reached out for help. I confessed my fears to my husband and we prayed together to break free from the stronghold of fear. Finally, with a little divine intervention, I got my confidence back and started painting the peony fold by fold, petal by petal until the flower was in full bloom.
    I am satisfied with my painting and hope others will enjoy it, but more importantly was the lesson I learned during the project. I spent way too much time worrying about the outcome of the painting rather than using the talents I had been provided and trusting the Lord’s grace would be sufficient. The beautiful peony flower was never concerned about the bull thistle, it was going to display its glory to the world regardless of any outside forces working against it. This painting has taught me that if the Lord assigns you a project, trust that He will see it through to His glory.
    “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

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